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MicroNano Machining


Ultrafast Laser (Femtosecond laser)

Make: Clark MXR, USA


  • Complex precision parts like Medical Stents, Shaver heads, Fluid channels can be machined.
  • The machining regime is in the order of about 0.5µm to 1m

Fig: Helix groove created using Ultra Fast laser inside acrylate block




Focused Ion Beam Machining

Make: Carl Zeiss Neon 40 Crossbeam, Germany


  • Complex precision parts of nanometric size.
  • TEM and EBSD sample preparation can be done.
  • The machining regime is in the order of about 50nm to 1µm

Fig: Nano gratings made on Silicon using FIB







Ball Mill

Make: Fritsch, Germany


  • Development of Nano powders from ceramics and metals
  • Powders can be used in composites

Fig: Ball Mill




Integrated Multi process Machine tool

Make: Mikro Tools, Singapore

  • Micro EDM, Micro Wire EDM, Micro Turning, Micro Milling
  • Can be used for making high aspect ratio micro flat bottom holes and other complex features

Fig: Integrated Multi process tool

Nano Metrology

Confocal Microscope

Make: Olympus LEXT 4000, Japan


  • 3D imaging

  • Surface topology


Confocal Microscope




Ultra Precision CMM

Make: Carl Zeiss F25, Germany


  • Dimensional measurements of complex micro components
  • Tactile and Optical probing system





Gauge Block Interferometer

Make: Hexagon Metrology, UK


  • Calibration of slip gauges without master
  • 20nm accuracy

Fig: GBI




Flatness Interferometer

Make: Zygo, USA


  • Calibration of optical flats
  • Measurment of radius of curvature

Fig:Flatness profile of an optical flat




Optical Profiler

Make: Veeco NT9100, USA


  • Dynamic behaviour of MEMS devices
  • Surface roughness at a nano scale
  • Study of Coating Film Thickness, Study of Wear on inserts, etc.

Silicon Beams – 400x600x13µm

Surface Engineering

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition

Make: HBS 500, Roth & Rau, Germany

  • Can deposit a thin film of Carbon based materials like Carbon Nano     Tube, Diamond like Carbon, Graphene etc.
  • Coatings for Tool inserts, machine tools etc.
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition System
Carbon Nano Tubes grown at CMTI                      

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Make: J A Woolam, USA


  • To find out thickness of the coatings
  • To find out the refractive index of the coating.
  • Coating can be found out from 1nm to 10µm

Fig: Ellipsometer




Raman Microscope

Make: Seiki Tecnotron, Japan


  • Identification of material
  • Identification of phase of the material

Fig: Laser Raman




Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

Make: Carl Zeiss, Neon 40 Crossbeam, Germany


  • 1.1nm resolution
  • Used for high resolution imaging, Microstructure etc.

Fig: AuC image using FESEM




Atomic Force Microscope

Make: Veeco Dimension V, USA


  • Surface morphology
  • Electric and magnetic properties of materials
  • Surface roughness at a nano scale

Fig:3D image of a CD




X-Ray Diffractometer

Make: Bruker D8 Advance, Germany


  • Identification of material
  • Identification of structure of material
  • Measurement of residual stresses

Fig: X-Ray Diffractometer




Nano Indentor

Make: Agilent G200, USA


  • Can measure fracture toughness, friction co-efficient, Young’s Modulus, Hardness, Crack Propagation
  • Thin film testing

Fig:Nano Indentor


by Dr. Radut.