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Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology encompasses all endeavors that help in realising products from concepts. In CMTI, the technological developments in the metal cutting sector have taken root -- from the conventional to NC, CNC, CAM, CIM.
Product development efforts require extensive pre-production trials which address various issues like

  • Product/part Handling,
  • Part loading and clamping,
  • jigs and fixtures,
  • tooling,
  • accuracies,
  • process simulations,
  • process optimization,
  • reliability of processes,
  • productivity,
  • measurement techniques,
  • system dynamic behavior in cutting,
  • repeatability,
  • reigning in assignable causes for inaccuracies,
  • process capability indices...

CMTI has over the years addressed a gamut of issues related to practical deployment of manufacturing technology. The experience and accumulated know-how help in customising solutions to manufacturing industries.





Contact: B.R.Mohanraj,Joint Director V.G Yoganath, HOD
E-mail : mohanraj.cmti@nic.in yoganath.cmti@nic.in


by Dr. Radut.